With A Golden Spirit, Inc.  
Golden Retriever Rescue in Southwestern PA
 A Not for Profit Organization 501 (c) 3
We just don't rescue their body, we rescue their Spirit!

Updated on November 7, 2018
In God  we trust!.
WAGS activities in part are stated in our mission statement. We believe that more substance is needed to understand our faithfulness and dedication to these endeavors. First, our goal is to rescue, provide immediate medical care, spay or neuter, vaccinate, rehabilitate, socialize, and place in "forever" homes, orphan golden retrievers, and in some cases, a golden retriever want-to-be.

The orphans come to WAGS through several sources. The orphan is a stray that is picked up by animal control. The orphan is surrendered to a shelter, and subsequently through our partnership program with shelters, surrendered to WAGS. The orphan is surrendered to WAGS directly by the owner. The orphan is a stray that is picked up by the police.  The orphan is surrenered to us by a homeless soul. And lastly, through our partnership program with other rescue organizations, an orphan is surrendered to WAGS.

The orphan, once in the care of WAGS is immediately taken to our veterinarian for an examination, all required medical  needs,  spay or neuter, and vaccinations as directed by the veterinarian.

Once in the care of WAGS, the orphan, in some cases, is rehabilitated based on observed behavior. If the behavior is something that we have not encountered, we seek the advice and services of a trained animal psychologist. The orphan is not kenneled. They are part of the WAGS family meaning that the orphan lives in our home with other orphans and our family of pets. All orphans are walked a minimum of  one mile a day, groomed daily and taught basic obedience, such as sit and stay. This is coupled with housetraining the orphan.

All adopters are required to complete an application. This is the basis of our internal evaluation which includes a verification of references supplied. Subsequent to this process, WAGS performs a home visit. This gives us an opportunity to personally meet the adopter, and generally conclude that was described in the application is factual. When the orphan is placed, the adopter is required to sign an adoption agreement.

At a minimum, annually, WAGS will follow up with the adopter .

Apart from golden retriever rescue, WAGS is very much involved with the rescue of other breeds. In the event that another breed requires help, we will temporary foster the orphan and seek the help of a rescue organization that performs similar activities to WAGS. The orphan is then transferred to that organization. Furthermore, WAGS will help in the transport of orphan animals that are 'passing through' the Pittsburgh area to points north, south, east and west.

In our effort to educate the public, WAGS has given presentations to individuals, groups and community organizations on animal issues. The platform for these presentations is based on the audience.

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